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Bach Collegium San Diego staff can be reached at:

1475 Catalina Blvd.
San Diego, CA 92107

Phone: 619-341-1726

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Bach Collegium San Diego is a historically-informed professional music ensemble based in San Diego, California.



Board of Directors

Gary Payne, President
Dr. Lee Talner, Vice President
Dr. Kirby Baker, Treasurer
Constance Miller Branscomb
Susan Stone Hayes
Dr. Alan Hofmann
Dr. Joyce Justus
Dr. Sanford Lakoff
Dr. Henry Powell
Dr. John West

Advisory Board

Jay Hansen, Esq., Epsten Grinell & Howell, Legal Advisor
Carol Plantamura

Artistic Staff

Ruben Valenzuela, Artistic Director
Michael Sponseller, Associate Music Director
Daniel Zuluaga, Personnel Manager & Artistic Adminstrator
Levi Padilla, Production Manager


Will Neblett, Executive Director
Alex Roller, Administration and Operations Coordinator
Stephanie Thompson, Public Relations Consultant
Heather Vorwerck, Education and Outreach Manager
Colleen Walsh, Bookkeeper